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The Quest Soccer Camp is instituting a first of its kind in any sports camp. The Net Assault Camp is designed to be goal scoring intensive but it is also meant to prepare our campers for the rigors and challenges of playing college soccer. The Net Assault Camp will also have on and off field discussions and instructions on topics such as:

  • Shooting, Corner kicks, Set plays, Scoring Goals.
  • SAT preparation
  • Travel and soccer
  • Meeting the requirements of school and the demands of college soccer
  • Dealing with alumni, media, and faculty

The Quest Soccer Camp Net Assault Camp is limited to only 20 players per week!!

Coaches Hearns, Aquila, Shea, and Polo will be conducting the Net Assault camp.

That means for every 5 attendees there will be 1 instructor.
From rock strewn Appalachian fields to Giants Stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands, the team of Net Assault coaches have played or coached there. Never before in any type of camp has such intense and forward thinking planning been brought under one program.

Don’t miss out!!


Many players find out rather quickly that the ability to score goals is not as easy as it seems. The Quest Soccer camp is offering for the first time a supplemental aspect to our camp: The Quest Net Assault Camp. This camp is set up to train players to create more goal scoring opportunities and to teach the campers ones thing:

  • How to put the ball in the back of the net
  • Finish
  • Score

However you term it we have one word for it all: SUCCESS!

Quest Net Assault Camp is based on the principal of high intensity/short duration. This program is designed to help you and your team score goals. Your physical skill and the mental mindset to score goals is enhanced and developed by Coach Mike and Coach Jason. Both of our camp directors will be on the field throughout these sessions instructing and implementing the Quest Method of Soccer.

We train you how to attack in your individual position and to create winning and successful attacks using the supporting players around you.
We teach you:

  • Shooting
  • attacking the goal
  • creating scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates
  • defeating the off sides trap
  • using the wall pass
  • beating defenders one on one
  • odd number rushes
  • counter attacks
  • creating space
  • winning the ball back defensively to make an offensive charge to the goal

Set plays will also be highlighted:

  • corner kick strategies
  • penalty kick techniques
  • restarts including dead ball situations,
  • direct and indirect kicks

Kicking techniques:

  • bending the ball around players
  • side volleys
  • chipping the ball
  • instep drives
  • straight volleys
  • heading to score

This is an offensive minded camp with a heavy concentration on shooting and scoring. Confidence building and the mental aspect of being a "goal sniper" are part of the curriculum. The art and techniques of scoring goals is what sets
The Quest Net Assault Camp apart from all other specialty camps

Players from 8th grade to 12th grade

Individual players as well as teams are welcome


The Quest Net Assault Camp will be limited in enrollment to only 20 players per week.

Enrollment is expected to fill fast and attendees are strongly urged to register early.
Team enrollments or multi players from teams are encouraged to enroll quickly.
Do not miss out on this intense individualized style camp.

$150.00 per week for this career enhancing instruction
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